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Am David Campbell Jr, Senior Financial Consultant ,Here are some interesting facts about me, at least I think they are interesting things about you.

As a Virtual Certified Financial Consultant Professional, my soul purpose is to help Entrepreneurs, Founders, Business Owners, Startup Companies, and their Families realize their hopes, dreams & goals through the powerful leverage of our financial planning process. 

Please think of me, Baby as a resource. Please contact me, with any questions you may have. I look forward to hearing from you! Cheers, 

People genuinely want to enjoy life. Being informed and educated before making financial decisions improves the planning process, outcomes, ultimately leading to a more enjoyable life.A core part of our process is to educate our clients, helping you make good decisions, while being as being as transparent as possible, to ultimately help you realize your hopes, dreams & goals.To enjoy life. You work hard for your money. We believe your money should work just as hard,if not harder, for you. We utilize a comprehensive investment management process to maximize each client's returns while minimizing risk & taxes. 

Our open architecture allows us to offer customized portfolio solutions that are 100% transparent. Each client portfolio allocation is specifically designed based on your return objectives, risk profile, and tax status of your accounts. By first going through the financial planning process we are able to determine which strategies are best suited for your situation. We believe insurance should help you sleep at night, Life has many risk & uncertainties. Insurance is simply the transfer of those risks & uncertainties.Through our financial consultant process we help you identify the potential risks in your life, and more importantly how to transfer them so you don't subject your family business.